There’s The Counterfeiters, then there’s everyone else.”
-Father of the Bride. 

Your reception is what everyone will remember, so why not throw the best party of your life? One of the hottest acts around, The Counterfeiters are the best party band you will see. Period!  Combining stellar vocals, incredible live performance, top-notch musicianship, and the most diverse playlist in the biz – from Sinatra to Motown to Queen to Country to the hits of the 80s/90s and today.  The Counterfeiters will make your special day one you and your guests will be talking about forever!  One look at the dozens of five-star reviews and you’ll see why everyone will be asking, “Where did you find these guys?!” The Counterfeiters are consummate professionals, easy to work with, amazing emcees, and their flexibility is unmatched!  If you want your reception to be the best party ever, what are you waiting for?  This is definitely not your average wedding band!  

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